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Hi. I'm Kaitlyn.


I have always been drawn to the elements that make a space special.

I walk into rooms and envision colors, textures and patterns. How would I paint this room and arrange the furniture? How could I incorporate and elevate the existing elements of this space?

Design flows through all aspects of my daily experience. It shapes my being, guides me, and influences my thoughts and actions. Interior design is my chosen medium. I believe that design is not always about the end result, but about the process and creation of beautiful spaces that people can connect to and love.

Let's Work Together

Together, we will work to create a welcoming environment where you can connect to the sweetness of your life.

Whether it’s just one room, a few rooms, or an entire home, I am available to help you create an environment for you to thrive in and enjoy.

I work with your budget and your design preferences to create a timeless design you will love for years to come.

My specialty is making your design process as seamless as possible, working toward a quick turnaround so we can get started on creating your dream space.

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