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Color & Wallpaper


A color consultation will save you time and money. Changing color and adding wallpaper can quickly elevate a space, but painting can be overwhelming and expensive. Guessing paint colors can be frustrating. At Pinson Design, I love choosing interior and exterior paint colors, accent walls, cabinet colors etc., and wallpaper options to get the mood right for your spaces.


When selecting paint colors and wallpaper, I consider your plans for each room, your natural light sources, and your existing color palette. Your spaces will develop flow, cohesion and integrate with the rest of your environment.


- Initial site visit or Zoom meeting

- 1 or 2 rooms

- 2 color schemes - one revision per the color scheme of your choice

- Final meeting in-person or via Zoom

- Paint samples ( paper 8"x 8" )

- Finish selections

- Paint schedule with notes

Marble Surface

Let's Work Together

Want to talk more about your project? The first step is scheduling a complimentary 20-minute call. 

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